The lodge, Vacation homes, RV Park, Adventure Center, and Hite Outpost are open,

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Our Commitment to Employee and Guests’ Safety

North Lake Powell is blessed with miles of open space and beauty where there is ample room to roam, recreate and relax in uncrowded conditions. We consider ourselves neighborly without neighbors. Our vacation homes and lodge sit in one of the most remote regions of the west, we’re on our own desert island without an ocean! We do, however have an amazing lake in our backyard.

Our natural surroundings, remote location and uncrowded conditions have allowed us to remain open and operate under the current conditions. Creating an environment of safety and well-being for employees and guests is of the utmost importance. We place highest priority on best practices in keeping our guests safe by adhering to governments guidelines and we vigilantly stay apprised of changing conditions.

Here’s what we at Ticaboo Lodge are doing to keep our employees and guests safe during this unprecedented time:

Environmental Cleaning Practices

We are upholding the highest standard of cleanliness in our lodge rooms, dining and retail facilities and even on rental ATVs and other equipment. We follow the latest, up to date CDC and NPS best practices and the best products that may be useful to combat the spread of
COVID-19, and we have also provided our employees with updated sanitation guidelines.

Employee and guest wellbeing monitoring and education:

We ensure our entire staff is updated daily on any changing conditions or practices in preventing any type of spread of illness including the common cold, influenza and Covid-19. We also have intensified another practice and policy long in place of employee monitoring and reporting for any signs of illness and encouraging them to be cautious by staying home. We’re working with our employees financially to encourage informed, unbiased decisions to stay well and prevent any spread of any illnesses. We invite you, our valued guests, and prospective visitors to come visit Ticaboo Lodge and Hite Outpost at North Lake Powell where open space, fresh air, and scenic wonder are our trademark.

Ticaboo Management

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safe Practices While on Vacation

Help us prevent the spread of germs:

  • Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Cover your cough and sneezes
  • Practice social distancing and avoid large crowds
  • Breathe plenty of fresh air while enjoying an outdoor experience

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It’s Good For Your Health

Spending time in the outdoors can be beneficial to our health and immune system, yet these days we all have real concerns about safe travel due to coronavirus (COVID-19). While it’s smart to err on the side of caution by observing the guidelines set by the CDC and other health organizations, you can benefit with a getaway to the wide open spaces of our great outdoors.

Many experts agree that spending time in the outdoors is good for our bodies and minds. Vacations too have many healthy benefits that can boost our immune system and mental state of well-being. Dr. Richard Dawood, a travel medicine specialist and medical director for the Fleet Street Clinic in London, advises travelers to look to the outdoors as a way to avoid crowds. “If I wanted to be totally risk-averse I would take an outdoorsy-type trip,” he says, “—enjoy the national parks, hiking, camping or safari.”