Bullfrog area hotel - Lake Powell, Utah

Ticaboo Resort

BASE CAMP for Your Lake Powell Adventure

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    Pool Area

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    Ticaboo Lobby

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    Ticaboo Lodge

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    Deluxe King Room

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    Deluxe Queen Room


Ticaboo Resort is located 10 minutes from Lake Powell and the Bullfrog Marina, just outside of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. 435-788-2110

The Ticaboo Experience is a red rock and water extravaganza.     From comfortable rooms to towering red canyon and sand ATV trails, delicious food and hidden coves on Lake Powell, the Ticaboo Experience is about leaving the normal behind and experiencing the spectacular.    From slot canyon repels to wake surfing, from 10,000 foot mountain passes to Paddle Boarding and kayaking narrow canyons on Lake Powell - The Ticaboo Experience is about adventure and relaxation.     Are we are on Mars?  Black stone dotting the red rock floors.   Old Uranium and Gold mines, the splendor of Southern Capital Reef and the Burr Trail, the beauty and exhilaration of remoteness.    You are hundreds of miles from anywhere as you relax by the sparkling pool.   In minutes you are boating on glass water surrounded by towering red cliffs on the 200 mile long Lake Powell.     A fire pit glows as drinks and your evening meal are brought to the patio.     This is the Ticaboo Experience.   Named by Outdoor Utah Magazine as one of the best family gateways, come experience Ticaboo for yourself.    Reconnect.